5 ways to stay safe this festive season

Christmas is definitely the most magical time of the year filled with cozy fires, warm drinks and plenty of holiday cheer. But it can also be a dangerous season if you aren’t taking extra precautions to look after your home and family.

Here are five things to do to ensure your holiday safety:

🎄 Keep Gifts Out of Sight:- Always keep presents out of sight, because potential burglars could be attracted to your home if they think you’ve got expensive gifts under the tree.

🎄 Lived-in Look – If you’re away for the holidays, make sure your home looks like you still live there. Get your neighbours on board to pop by and take away any mail that’s piling up, or consider installing timers for the lights.

🎄 Social Media Posting – There’s known to be a rise in burglaries when people post on social media that they’re away or have expensive gifts at home. Don’t advertise your home to burglars when going away for the holidays.

🎄 Cameras – Install security cameras or hidden ones at your doorbell so you get a notification and can watch on your phone when someone approaches your property.

🎄 Fire safety – Christmas is a time for extra lights and candles, so make sure all your sockets are off at the walls and candles are blown out before you go to bed or when you are leaving your house.

Don’t have the most wonderful time of the year turn into a nightmare before Christmas by following these top holiday tips.